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Support Groups

The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio sponsors a variety of different support groups monthly.  The purpose of the groups is to come together to socialize, share tips, mutual concerns, common issues, challenges and successes with other members of the group. Information is shared and support is offered to help to meet the struggles faced by those dealing with epilepsy. It can be a real comfort to see that other people have concerns that are similar to yours, and that you are not alone.

When attending the support groups, it is important to remember that these groups work best when everyone tries to have a positive and helpful attitude! We are interested in dealing better with everyday challenges and sharing our triumphs.

We always welcome new members and the important new ideas and perspectives that they may bring to the group! Please follow the links to the right to determine which support group applies to your situation and we welcome you to join us!


For more information on our specific support groups and times, click here.