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Take Charge of the Facts

This training is designed to be presented to teenagers ages 12-19 and can be completed in one 40-45 minute class period. The information is likely to link most appropriately with middle school and high school health classes where it ties into several content areas including safety and injury prevention, personal and community health, and substance abuse. However, it may also be appropriate for other subject areas including biology and social studies. In addition, it can be easily adapted for use in non-school settings.

The student learning objectives for this training include the following:

  • To achieve a basic understanding of epilepsy as a medical condition.
  • To identify and learn about different types of seizures.
  • To learn what to do and what not to do when someone is having a seizure.

To schedule a training in the Greater Cincinnati area, contact Allison Rone at (513) 721-2905 or Allison.rone@epilepsy-ohio.org. In the Central Ohio area, contact Karen Brown at (614) 725-1031 or kbrown@epilepsy-ohio.org.