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Counseling Services

The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio employs counselors who are educated and trained to assist persons with epilepsy and their families. We currently have four counselors on staff, all four are Licensed Social Workers, and one is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. We provide individual counseling for the person diagnosed as well as for their families, including parents/spouse/siblings/caregivers.  In order to meet the transportation difficulties persons with epilepsy often face, our counselors are available as well for phone/email discussions. Our counseling services are free of charge; however, donations are always appreciated.

Our counselors can assist the newly diagnosed person/parents/families adjust and cope with their new diagnosis as well as provide on-going support for persons who have been living with epilepsy for a long time. We provide epilepsy education including seizure first aid, assist with practical matters like employment and school issues, as well as immediate crises, like being out of medication, having no insurance and where to go for help. Our counselors also provide information and referrals to connect you with effective community resources. Counseling is individualized to meet the needs of our clients. Please be advised that we do not give medical advice. If you have medical questions/concerns, please consult your physician.

To reach a counselor, please call (513)721-2905/toll free (877)804-2241 or email eao@epilepsy-ohio.org.