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Sarah’s Law for Seizure Safe Schools

Sarah Linardos from Springfield, Ohio for whom the Law is named after passed away from SUDEP at the age of 26 years old. She had battled epilepsy since the age of 15. Sarah was such an inspiration to us all. Although this legislation would not have prevented what happened to Sarah, it is our families hope that the passage of Sarah’s Law for Seizure Safe Schools, will help educate those employees in the schools with our children every day on seizure first aid and give them a better understanding of epilepsy and help the children maintain their dignity after a seizure and give their parents a sense of comfort knowing they are with someone who is trained to assist their child if need be, which was a fear we had sending Sarah to school not knowing if she had a seizure would someone know what to do.  This Law is truly life changing for the children of Ohio and can save a life. No parent should ever have to lose a child to epilepsy. Thank you to the Epilepsy Alliance of Ohio to help pass Sarah’s Law for seizure safe schools.

Sharon DeVore and Harry Linardos
Parents of Sarah Linardos