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Training & Education

Epilepsy is a highly misunderstood disorder within our community. The general public, including educators, school nurses, police officers, and business professionals oftentimes do not have an understanding of what epilepsy is and how it is best treated.

In the past, people with epilepsy have been labeled as being developmentally disabled, possessed by an evil spirit, or both. And, although we have come far in the areas of medicine and social awareness, this neurological disorder still causes fear, stigma and discrimination—barriers that are hard to penetrate.

The Epilepsy Alliance Ohio is committed to dispelling the myths that surround epilepsy and removing the walls that keep those with the disorder feeling isolated. Education is key, and we offer a variety of programs, designed to help the general public understand what epilepsy is and what it is not; how to recognize the characteristics of seizure activity; how to respond to and assist a person who is experiencing a seizure by giving appropriate first aid; and the impact seizures have on a person academically, socially and emotionally.

To schedule a training in the Greater Cincinnati area, contact  Allison Rone at (513) 721-2905 or allison.rone@epilepsy-ohio.org.   In the Central Ohio area, contact Karen Brown at 614-725-1031 or kbrown@epilepsy-ohio.org.  You many also contact us at eao@epilepsy-ohio.org.