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Window World Brightens Our Day!

John Oslica, the owner of Window World has a true passion for helping those in need in our community. This was exemplified many times over after John learned of a need at one of our group homes and stepped up to the plate to hit a grand slam!!!

Benton Center, which is home to eight adults with epilepsy and developmental delays, is a 100 plus year old farm house. Although the residents love the old home feel and rambling space, the aged windows make it difficult to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. It has been on the agency’s wish list for many years to replace the more than 40 windows in the home, but the cost has been too prohibitive – that is until John Oslica came out for a visit. He saw the need and graciously responded with custom, insulated windows that will benefit our agency for years to come.

The staff and residents in the home love this new addition. The windows are easy to clean, open and close easily (many of the older windows were “stuck shut”) and best of all, they make the home light and inviting! The bright sunshine and fresh air help to brighten the spirits of everyone in the home.

Thanks John and his outstanding team for making a difference at Benton Home.

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