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Local Companies Make Huge Impact

DeanHouston Volunteer

Every year The Epilepsy Alliance  is blessed to do work with a number of companies who allow their employees time off work to volunteer at our programs and events. These volunteers have built gazebos, decks, and fences and have planted and mulched many of our flower beds. The time they share with out agency is invaluable. It helps us create spaces for our clients that they will enjoy for years to come.

In July, DeanHouston, a full-service business to business marketing communications firm brought over 50 volunteers for a day of caring. These volunteers hit the ground running and transformed the property by the day’s end. They dug out and poured new sidewalks so clients would have more accessible areas to explore. They also painted, mulched, weeded and generally spruced up our entire 50 acre property. From the long driveway to all around the home, you can see evidence of the positive footprint left by the caring and compassionate volunteers. Thank you, DeanHouston, for making a difference.

This fall we look forward to hosting other volunteer groups from GE and ITW Air Management. If your group would like to share their time and talents with us on a project please call (513) 721-2905.

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