Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and Columbus

Epilepsy FoundationThe Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati (EFGC) is proud to announce its merger with the Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio (EFCO). The merged entity is now known as the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and Columbus (EFGCC). Each Foundation’s previous Board of Directors has united to create one governing board to make decisions and provide direction for the Foundations’ programs and services under the leadership of Kathy Schrag, Executive Director. The merger was effective January 1, 2013.

Because the organizations have histories and missions that align, the merger is relatively seamless.

Working together, we hope to increase the ability of individuals and families to access resources to manage their epilepsy and seizures and  to strengthen the efforts of all of our programs, from education of seizure recognition and First Aid, to support groups, counseling and camp, and to better enhance our ability to run events and raise funds to serve our community. Our sole focus will always be epilepsy.